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Labelfest announcement

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We are very happy to finally announce our third labelfest and our first as a brand-new event format in the FZW: 7 Bands between Powerviolence, Hardcore and Doom, as well as Krautrock and Psychedelic/Post-Punk will show a whole spectrum of musical subculture, with most bands haven’t been seen until now in the FZW, partially not even in Dortmund.

With Kadeadkas as a main act, who have put theirself on all greater stages since 2016, especially in the dark scene, we found a band who fulfill the role of overseeing the darker side of our sound range as a music label.

Without a doubt an embodiment of this scene is Dirk Ivens with his bands Absolute Body Control, Dive or The Klinik. On room11records he will be seen on the stage with his Krautrock-project Motor!k.
In 2022 they already presented their third album “3” and will certainly bring the stage to boil.

If the stage isn’t already burning, Dregs will send the crowd into rapture right before, with their raw unchecked energy as a hardcore band. They will certainly be a demanding act not only with their music but also raising awareness and advocate for feminist issues and the challenges surrounding sexism.

In their musical style connected are Moral Bombing. With their first LP they had already attract attention oversees and they followed with their EP release of 2022. Whereas their musical style is energetic, their texts are in all their shortness quite complex and shed light on the struggle and issue of sexism in the world.

In contrast are ORT only instrumental. The doom-trio was able to attend much attraction in the last years all over the country and enthralls with their sound and complex song structures.

Some attention has be given to the hardcore quartet Thrufall too, who released their first tape just last year, which have already created them a strong fanbase.
Probably one of the most kept secrets in German Hardcore right now.

Perhaps the most unusual musical project of the evening are bass+arts, who will open this festival. Their version of post punk with gloomy and industrial samples, being only Bass-driven, does follow its paths and starts this loaded concert.