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Labelfest Band: ORT

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ORT came to life when the drummer, notorious for founding the loudest bands in town, and the guitarist also known as drone solo-artist “N” decided to creatively join forces. The initial plan for some sort of experimental collaboration then naturally mutated into a full-fledged band, placing themselves into an instrumental niche between atmospheric yet ultraheavy Doom Metal, tendencies of frenetic Noise-Rock and the occasional side-quest into further ventures like Dub Remixes or electronic experiments.

A lot of qualities have been attributed to the trio by the music press, including a dystopian atmosphere (Rock Hard Magazine), uncommon rhythmic accents with jazzy vibes (Ox Fanzine), and a sound of uncompromisingly powerful pressure (Visions), while influences brought to the table by all three members including even unexpected styles from Drum’n’Bass Music to Death Metal.

But don’t mistake ORT for some kind of fiddly studio entity as the band is known for recording most of their material by actually playing live together, something more uncommon as it should be these days. Their current debut full-length “Verbau” came out on Room 11 Records in 2021 and a bunch of more stuff can be expected in the future.