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Labelfest Band: Kadeadkas

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Get ready for the grand finale of our festival lineup as we proudly present the last band to be announced – the phenomenal Kadeadkas!

After Kadeadkas successfully garnered a steadily growing fan community through numerous gigs in the scene and captivating performances at festivals since their formation in 2016, the Cologne-based band has finally released their highly anticipated debut album, “HalluciNation,” entirely self-produced.

The band delves into themes of urgency and introspection, exploring lynchings, tyrannies, self-destruction, and personal nightmares. Known for their raw power, their concerts are often likened to transcendent rituals. Drawing inspiration from the Anti-Pop movement and the early UK Positive and Post-Punk styles, Kadeadkas combine energetic drums, driving bass guitar, guitar effects skillfully emphasizing delay, and masterful, emotive vocals, creating immersive soundscapes that perfectly complement Kati’s dystopian lyrical narratives.